I am a Delaware native that couldn’t resist the lure of the West.  I graduated from the prestigious

 in Denver CO in 2013, and moved to Boise shortly thereafter.  I’ve worked in a variety of locations in the Treasure Valley since then, and in 2016 I opened Groundwork Massage Therapy in the North End.


      Course study at a small, holistic massage school has provided me  focused background in a variety of diverse modalities and continuing studies keep my skill set current.  My sessions are customized to the individual needs of my clients.  I believe ardently in the power of kind and informed touch to help balance and provide the opportunity each of us need to heal ourselves, and combat environmental stressors.


      In addition to being passionate about my practice, I enjoy putting miles on my sneakers in the foothills and backpacking and being a student in my chosen home.  As an athletic individual I know the importance of maintaining balance and ability.  I work very passionately to encourage the same result with my clients.  "Groundwork" 

refers to the good medicine available from pounding miles of footfalls in the foothills.  It is the work that you put in during training so you can race the way you want.  It's time on the mat.   It's the reset button, and the balance point that we need to know how to get back to.  


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GROUNDWORK Massage Therapy


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